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Dr. Steven W. Binkley, DMD, MSD

Louisville, KY


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Patient Testimonials

I have never seen a person more gentle or more concerned with a patients comfort than Dr. Binkley. If you must have a root canal, I would recommend Dr. Binkley.

Larry B

being the unfortunate recipient of bad teeth, I am no stranger to Dental offices. This was by far the very best experience I have had in over 40 years. Very thoughtful care and explanation, no pain, great modern office and equipment. I will not hesitate to get another root canal from Dr. Binkley and staff. Great job, thank you team for taking care of me so wonderfully.

Dwayne C

I have had a few root canals in the past and was a lot younger then, My dentist recommended to Dr. Binkley for a root canal. I had a great experience at my first appointment and the same results at my second appointment. The Dr. and his staff are supper friendly and their service is top notch. I would recommend Dr. Binkley and his staff anyday!!!!

Frank A

I've had to visit Dr Binkley twice for root canals. He and his office staff are awesome. I wish they provided regular dentistry services because I would gladly switch and come to him for everything!

Amy S

This was my first root canal and had I known how easy it was to go through I would have done it before. Kudos to the Dr. and staff. I even received a call from Dr. Brinkley the next day checking to see how I was doing.

Cathy V

After a reference from my dentist, I chose Dr. Binkley based on the testimonials. I also found Dr. Binkley and his staff to be very professional and very patient in explaining the procedure. Comfort is their main concern. Thanks, Dr. Binkley.

Rob G.

Staff was extremely friendly and quick on getting me into the office for a root canal.  Everything is explained in a thorough and manner to which the average person can understand. 

Kevin Byerley

I must say I didn't know what to expect at an Endodontist, but Dr. Binkley and his staff deserve every compliment and all the praise reported in these testimonials. The patient's well-being is high priority as evidenced by the sun glasses, lip balm and explaining every aspect of the procedure. For ten years I have been asking every medical professional I've come in contact with about a problem with occasional bleeding along my tongue. They all tried to convince me I was biting my tongue. Dr. Binkley knew immediately it was a side effect that occurs when people must use inhalers regularly. He's my HERO not only for providing excellent service to your patients, but also AS A VETERAN, THANK YOU FOR SERVING YOUR COUNTRY ALSO!!!

Patricia Hagan

I was referred to Dr.Binkley by my dentist for a root canal. I was impressed by the technology use in the office. Dr.Binkley explained the procedure and was concerned about my well being the entire time.The Dr. and his entire staff to be commended for being so compassionate.I also received a follow up call.

Thanks, Joe Davenport Mayor City of La Grange Ky

Joe Davenport

Was impressed with quickness and explanation of services. Very friendly staff and efficient...Thank You

Randall Elzy

I have a low tolerance for pain, so I was nervous when it was determined that I had to have a root canal. Dr. Binkley and his staff were extremely personable and made me feel very comfortable. After hearing about the "dreaded root canal" all my life, I was pleasantly surprised that during both visits (it was a two-part procedure), I felt absolutely no pain, and it was an easy recovery. Dr. Binkley shared my x-rays with me, both before the procedure and after, so I was able to see exactly where the problem was and how he was going to fix it. After my appointments, I was given Dr. Binkley's cell phone number in case anything went wrong after hours, and he personally called the next day to make sure the recovery was going smoothly. In addition, since I was traveling right after the procedure, I was told that Dr. Binkley has connections in several different locations across the U.S., and that I'd be able to receive care if I needed it. I'd definitely recommend to anyone needing endodontics care!

Taylor Cummings

Dear Dr. Binkley and Staff,
I can't thank you enough for your wonderful care and thoughtfulness. Being a senior, it is hard to go to the dentist, especially for a root canal. You made it so painfree and were so considerate. The staff was so caring and helpful. I truly am so happy I chose you for my dental needs. Thank you so much.
Warmest wishes,
Clare M. Hoefler

Everything about my root canal went very smoothly. Dr. Binkley explained everything in detail before, during, and after the procedure. The support staff was great. It was an A+ effort.

Roy D. Gray

Root canals are not my favorite thing, but Dr. Binkley explained everything and was very concerned about my comfort and made it as easy as possible.

Bill Middleton

I was very impressed with the latest technology in use at Dr. Steven W. Binkley's office. The staff is very compassionate and professional and the procedure went very smoothly and took about an hour (on very short notice). No pain, no problems. I would definitely recommend Steven W. Binkley, DMD to family or friends!

Warren Williams

This was my 1st root canal & was very apprehensive about having it done at my age (78) but after suffering mouth pain for months was the only solution. Was referred to Dr. Binkley by my Dentist. It was a front tooth could not bite down. He was so gentle &kind & explained the whole process hopefully I on the road to recovery . Thanks Dr. Binkley & all your office help.

Joan Bush

Wow! I was so impressed with the entire staff and my experience with at the office of Steven W. Binkley, DMD MSD.  They graciously rescheduled my referral appointment three times.   When I finally arrived I felt like my questions and concerns were addressed honestly with a spirit of professionalism and grace that is rare these days.   It’s as if they were in the business of serving me, not just for short term profit, but instead for the long term view of what would be best for the the health of my teeth.  As a result I will be going a different route than originally anticipated, and it will not be with them as they do not provide those particular services.  But if I ever need their services, or can recommend them to others, as a return favor for how I felt I was treated, I would do it wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Paul Seebeck

I was referred to Dr. Binkley's office by my dentist and, upon examination, I dreaded hearing that I needed a root canal. However, Dr. Binkley made a point to clearly explain the diagnosis and the dental procedures, used state-of-the-art equipment and walked me through the whole process. The root canal was as pain-free as having a cavity filled!

Angeline Smith

I have never seen a person more gentle or more concerned with a patients comfort than Dr. Binkley. If you must have a root canal, I would recommend Dr. Binkley.

Larry Blanton

Since I was a teenager I've had a fear of the dentist thanks to some bad dental work. I've never been more at ease then I was with Dr. Binkley and his staff! He explained everything to me in great detail and made it very simple to understand. The office itself has a calming effect and his staff were extremely nice and caring. The incision he made while performing my gum surgery has healed in less then two weeks, and thanks to his handiwork there is absolutely no scarring. If you have the chance to have your dental work completed at Binkley Endodontics, then I highly recommend you do it!

Adam Elder

I was very apprehensive about having my first root canal, but my fears were quickly eased by Dr. Binkley and his staff. The office is beautiful and clean with all the latest technology. Dr. Binkley is very kind, and explained the procedure in detail, and I was told what my out of pocket expense was expected to be, before he started. My comfort was their main concern, and I felt no pain whatsoever. I highly recommend Binkley Endodontics and will certainly use this office again if the need arises.

Kathy Durbin

Dr. Binkley and the staff were great. No waiting, I got right in at the appointment time. State-of-the-art facility and Dr. Binkley explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend them.

Steve Carrico

To say I dislike dental work would be a understatement. I was quite a bit nervous before receiving my root canal from Dr Binkley. From the moment I walked in, everything was perfect. They're a well oiled machine and deserve quite a bit of credit in making what should be a painful experience into one that's quite pleasant. Thank you Dr. Binkley, and staff, for making that experience a good one. I'll be back for sure.

Dr. Jason Wolford

Due to a childhood of no dental care. I have had a substantial amount of dental work done in my adult years including many root canals. The root canal completed by Dr. Binkley recently was by far the most stress and pain free root canal I have ever had. Dr. Binkley and his staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and put you at ease from the moment you walk in the door. He explains everything to you in detail so you understand what you are dealing with in order for you to make the best decision for your dental care. My experience with this office was very positive and while I hope I don't need another root canal or at least anytime soon, I would definately go back to Dr. Binkley's office for it if the need arises. Absolutely a great dentist and superior staff.

Marty Swilley

I have had two root canals with Dr. Binkley. The second tooth had deteriorated to the point that only a truly exceptional effort was able to save it. Dr. Binkley explained all my options clearly and proceeded to follow the course of treatment that worked. He persevered for the long-term solution when others might have settled for something less than perfect. Excellent work, integrity and a super sense for patient comfort make him the best. Anywhere. I highly recommend him for Endodontic care.

Mark Peters

After a series of dental mishaps and year long struggle with pain, Dr. Binkley was able to accurately diagnose my issue and provide prompt treatment. I have a history of problems getting/staying numb etc. my anxiety level is high for any dental procedure. Dr. Binkley and his staff were pros at treating my dental fear as well as the problem at hand. I highly recommend Binkley Endodontics for any treatment you may need.

Rhonda Brown

When I was very young I had a terrible experience at the dentist and have fought with anxiety ever since. When faced with a root canal, I actually considered having the tooth extracted, rather than dealing with my anxiety. During my consultation, Dr. Binkley’s professionalism and sincere concern put me at ease so I decided on the root canal. He and his staff did a great job, it was painless and stress free. If I or anyone in my family ever needs a root canal, Dr. Binkley will be performing it!

Paul Cain

I would never have imagined a root canal to be a pleasant experience yet, for several reasons, Binkley Endodontics made it so. Dr. Binkley and his staff were welcoming and professional. They worked together in a manner that showed great respect for their patients and one another. I greatly appreciated how Dr. Binkley explained what was happening as he worked and that he shared photos and X-rays of the process to make clear what needed to be done, what the process entailed and the end result. Dr. Binkley was informative, comforting and reassuring. Still, I expected pain, and there never was any. Pressure and a pinch perhaps, but no more than that. I would whole-heartedly recommend Binkley Endodontics. It was as great an experience as a root canal could be.

Kari Stewart

I am the biggest baby on the planet...and would rather die than have a dental procedure done. Knowing this, my dentist sent me to Dr. Binkley, who could not have been more accommodating or helpful. I was given an anti-anxiety dosage prior to the procedure. I am also quite difficult to numb. Dr. Binkley made absolutely certain that I was in no pain and that my anxiety was managed expertly. I felt safe & secure the entire time - from the beginning of the procedure to the follow-up phone call from Dr. Binkley himself. They were courteous, efficient and very thorough. I understood everything that was being done and am on the mend! Thank you, Dr. Binkley, for taking my dental fears seriously and making this as easy for me as you could! I appreciate you!

Louise Venettozzi

I am very pleased with my root canal Dr. Binkley and his team recently performed. Dr. Binkley clearly explained the procedure before and during his work, including photographs, x-rays and diagrams to explain the process. I experienced minimal discomfort and no pain during and after the root canal.

Jon Fleshman

My root canal was a wonderful as a root canal can possibly be, under the expert and compassionate care of Dr. Binkley and his staff. As a health care professional, I highly recommend Dr. Steve Binkley to anyone needed advanced dental care!

Lisa C

Working in healthcare myself, I have a high expectation regarding both performance and professionalism! Dr. Binkley far exceeded my expectations in both areas! Dr. Binkley took the time to explain everything that was going on and best of all he fixed my problem correctly!! Office staff were professional as well. Highly recommend.


The entire staff at Binkley Endodontics was very courteous and efficient. Dr. Binkley was patient and gentle, two very important, but often overlooked, qualities in a dental professional. Thank you all for a service kindly and professionally rendered!

John Trueblood

Dr.Binkley and his team are absolutely wonderful! As a patient, they make sure you are comfortable, and aware of every action that is being taken. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. What great personality and hospitality this staff in its entirety has to offer! Thank you for everything!

Kelly Blasi

This practice rocks!! They tell you everything that is going to happen before it happens so that you can be prepared. No surprises! They are always caring and make sure you are in the best of comfort and care! All I can say is Dr. Binkely and his team ROCK!

Penny Thielmeier

I can't brag on this practice enough. I've needed their services twice and each time it's been a great experience. Dr. Binkley is awesome. He walks you through every step the entire time, he's gentle and very professional. He even gave me his cell number if I had problems and also called me post procedure to see how I was doing! Unheard of! His office staff is professional and friendly and his dental assistants are equally skilled. His office is pretty far out but worth the extra effort to find. A 10 in every category!

Glenda Whitledge

Last month I found out I needed a root canal. I went to Dr. Binkley because the office accepted my insurance when no other office would. It was a bit out of my way but after my experience there, I would drive out of my way anytime to see him. He is an amazing Endodontist and I felt nothing the whole time he was working in my mouth. He explained everything and was very caring towards my needs. The ladies in the office were great as well. Driving 45 miles is nothing when you get this kind of treatment. You cant go wrong with him.

Heather Lee

First of all - I am a CHILD when it comes to going to the dentist. I have an anxiety attack just thinking about getting my teeth cleaned. When I found out I had to have a root canal the emotional craziness I put myself through was almost equal to the tooth pain. Dr. Binkley was like a night-light during a 2 am nightmare. He knew I was nervous and set time aside to talk to me about everything that was going to happen. He also explained the entire process during the procedure. He was gentle and excellent with follow-up. I was shocked when he even provided his cell phone number in case I had any problems or complications. He takes his time and wants to make sure it's done right the first time. His office staff is also extremely kind. I have never had the same customer service that I received at Dr. Binkley's. I hope I never need his services again - but I will recommend him to all my family and friends.

Toree P

Who ever heard of a pleasant root canal? Well, that's what I had at Binkley Endodontics. From the moment I called with my horribly aching abscessed tooth, I received wonderful treatment. The staff got me in promptly. Dr. Binkley explained everything and numbed me gently and thoroughly. I think I even dozed off during the procedure. I would recommend this practice to anyone seeking endodontic treatment

Chris Albert Carnes

The only thing I can say is OH MY! I have never in all the years of going to the dentist had an experience like Dr. Binkley's office. One thing that impressed me was he did most of the work, he didn't do a little then pass it to an assistant. An the staff was wonderful... So thanks Dr. Binkley and Staff you are the best thus far because guess what I HATE going to the dentist. I was in pain for at least 6mths before saying I can't take it anymore. :) All smiles from me now! Thanks

IKeasha Huddleston

Dr. Binkley was fantastic! I went in for a possible root canal, and ended up learning so much about teeth! He was very gentle and always told me what he was doing and why, and he also took the time to show me my x-rays and explain treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Binkley and his staff! Very professional, positive, kind and the place was clean and tidy!

Kelly Hostutler

This was by far the best experience I have ever had in a dentist chair. I was having severe pain and needed a root canal. Dr. Binkley and his staff were fantastic! They were very gentle and did not add to my discomfort at all! I even told Dr. Binkley on my final visit that I might take a nap while he was working on me! I will recommend Binkley Endodontics to everyone I know that needs dental care!

Mary Rose

The thought of going to yet another dentist-aaaarrrrggghhhh! Much to my surprise, I was very wrong in Dr. Binkley's case. He was the most patient doctor. He said this would be "pain free" and it was! Dr. Binkley has a great "chair-side" manner and explains every procedure before he does it. He has state of the art equipment. The girls working in the office are top notch friendly, efficient, helpful and puts you quite at ease. My problem tooth was more of a problem than expected, but Dr. Binkley worked through each trouble spot quite professionally, even around my vacation. I highly recommend Dr. Binkley and his office crew to everyone. Thank you Dr. Binkley and girls. God bless all of you!

Peg Edwards

Dr. Binkley is a wizard. I actually said that to his receptionist as I was leaving after having my root canal. Due to some childhood traumas, visiting any sort of dentist has always been a tough experience for me- in fact, I came to see Dr. Binkley after another local doctor just didn't meet my standards for compassion and kindness. I was made to feel very comfortable at the office (those exam chairs are AMAZING) and the procedure was explained to me better than I would have anticipated. Normally any sort of dental visit causes me to experience some level anxiety, but not at Dr. Binkley's office. I just kicked back with my earbuds, the sunglasses that were provided, and my nitrous mask and RELAXED. I never thought that was possible when having dental work done! I didn't even notice when they switched me back to oxygen near the end of the visit, and at first didn't believe them when they said I was finished! I never thought I would recommend a dental professional to anyone, based on my aversion to the profession, but I have told my family and coworkers they should definitely give him a visit if they are in need of endodontic work! Thank you, Dr. Binkley!

Jessi J.

What a great experience. Dr. Steve fit me in at the last moment, determined what the problem was and gave several options. His staff had blocked out enough time that when I decided to have the root canal done, they were able to continue on. The calmness that prevailed during the session helped me stay relaxed so that I had minimum discomfort. Doc made sure I was kept aware of what was going on and also where my comfort level was. All I can say is Doc you rock and your staff is great. I really recommend Doc's services to all.

Jim Campbell

WOW! I was so not looking forward to my root canal, but the experience at Binkley was nothing less than PAIN FREE! Super awesome staff that was so friendly along the way. And Dr. Binkley just gets it! He made the procedure so easy to get through with his care and concern for my comfort as well as his full explanation of every step along the way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Binkley Endodontics!!!

Aaron Flaker

I never thought that I'd say that a root canal was a pleasant experience, but Dr. Binkley and his staff made the entire process as pleasant as possible. From Dr. Binkley's thorough initial evaluation to the actual procedure and follow-up, Dr. Binkley was gracious and kind on top of being competent and precise. I can't recommend Dr. Binkley and his staff highly enough. I'm so grateful for their care!

Lisa Donovan

I have always had a lot of anxiety about any dental procedure and even the thought of a root canal made me fearful. Dr. Binkley and everyone on his staff worked to make me comfortable and the procedure was painless. I would recommend Dr. Binkley to any of my friends and family if they need this kind of treatment.

Nancy K

With my past history of "dental dramas" I was really thrilled to have such a great experience! Everyone and everything was totally pleasant from moment one. I was actually able to take a little nap while Dr. Binkley was working!

Sue Crutcher

First off, my root canal was pain free! While in the chair and the few days after, pain free. The facilities are space age. The large photos and xrays of my teeth Dr. Binkley was able to show me, along with his explanation of what needed to be done and why, was very reassuring. The staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable. Hard to believe a root canal could be such a pleasant experience. If Dr. Binkley and his staff ever decide to open a Bed and Breakfast, I will stay there for sure!

Joseph Keene

I felt very confident and safe in Dr Binkley's chair. I particularly appreciated his running explanation of the procedures. I want to understand what is going on in my mouth and he supplies this well. He is very personable and makes the patient feel important, not just a subject of dentistry. On a scale of one to ten, I would give him an eleven.

Shirley Swindells

Not often one goes to a dental specialist and looks forward to a return visit. However, on the recommendation of my dentist, I was referred to Dr. Binkley regarding a troublesome molar. I was impressed with Dr. Binkley's casual, easy-going demeanor and his interpersonal skills. He has a wonderful, caring bedside manner or more appropriately "toothside" manner. His staff as well is very accommodating, pleasant, efficient and most patient especially with this patient's many questions. A return visit, if necessary, will not be a dreaded ordeal.

Ken Neuhauser

Dr. Binkley and staff are just the greatest!!!! I had a really bad tooth ache so much I was crying and I called and he opened his doors for me at 7 am to help me and what a great man and staff. They take care of you as if you were family! Dr. Binkley just puts you at ease as soon as you walk in. People who are afraid of going to the densist shouldn't be when it comes to root canls by Dr. Binkley and staff! Thank you so much for taking good care of me. Also would like to thank Dr. Binkley for his service to our nation!!!!!

Abbie cravens

Dr. Binkley and his staff are wonderful! I never really look forward to visiting the endodontist, but they are so friendly and nurturing. I honestly believe that they love being there. I would highly recommend visiting again, if need be!

Leah Hazelwood

Took the scare out of root canal. Dr. Binkley seemed to truly care about my pain, walking me through the procedure with knowledge and patience, and following up to make sure there were no issues. I would highly recommend to someone nervous about dental issues.

Jim Warden

I have had two root canals. The first about a decade ago; this one in May 2014. My experience with Dr. Binkley and his staff has been exceptional. The care and detailed precision they provided was amazing. I was amazed at how cautious and patient Dr. Binkley was while ensuring I was comfortable during the entire procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Binkley and his staff.

Richard C

This is the first root canal I have ever had to have. My dentist, Dr. Pursell, referred me to Dr. Binkley. Both he and his staff exhibited the utmost care and professionalism. I was reminded during the entire procedure that I "was the most important person in the room". A++ experience.

Joyce Rogers

Dr. Binkley, I had heard nothing but good things from patients I had referred to you, and now that you've done a root canal for me I understand why everyone raves about you and your office. You and your team made me feel very comfortable and I never felt a bit of discomfort during or after my treatment. Thanks for serving my patients so well and for taking good care of me.

Dr John Stivers

I was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety about getting my first root canal. But Dr. Binkley and his staff were wonderful. He promised no pain and I had absolutely none!!! Very relaxing atmosphere, staff very curteous. I have already recommended his office to friends. I have never had a better dental experience... thank you !!!!

Cindy Sparrow

My dentist Dr.Cox referred me to Dr.Binkley I'm over 50 years old and have never had any dental problems what so ever I guess you can say that I'm one of the lucky ones! It just so happen that I cracked a tooth and ended up needing a root canal. Dr. Binkley and his staff make sure that you are comfortable and explain every thing before during and after the root canal. I could not have ask for a better group of people, I give Dr. Binkley and his staff an A+.

Deanna Shoulders

This was my first root canal and I was very apprehensive about the procedure. Dr. Binkley and his staff quickly alleviated any trepidation I had about the root canal. He kept me in the loop through the entire procedure and even called the next day to check on me. I can only say good things about this practice and give them my highest recommendation. Keep up the great work!

Steve Irwin

I was referred to Dr. Binkley by my dentist Dr. Ryan. Dr. Binkley and his staff were very courteous, knowledgeable, and personable. They really made me fee comfortable and right at home. I had never had any real dental problems before, so just the words "Root Canal." had me a little nervous. The procedure was totally painless, comfortable, and I could have easily slept through the entire thing. Dr. Binkley made sure that I had a direct line to him if I had any issues whatsoever during the recovery phase, and even gave personal prompt follow-up calls to check in following. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of endodontic work.

Josh Dunn

Dr. Binkley is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person. I was very nervous about having a root canal, but the procedure went very well. In addition, his staff adds much to the pleasant experience.

Keisha Lamb

My dentist, Dr. Karen Hughes, referred me to Dr. Binkley for a root canal on a troubled tooth. I was pretty nervous about the procedure, I had never experienced a root canal. Dr. Binkley put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I did not experience any pain associated with either procedure on my tooth, just a bit sore. I had always heard negative views regarding this type of procedure. My experience was great and unexpected! I would not hesitate to refer my family or friends to Dr. Binkley. He is very professional and personable. Dr. Binkley has an excellent staff always eager to help their patients. Dr. Binkley and his staff provided me great care!

Rachel A. Harris

I was referred to Dr Binkley by Dr Gary Pursell. I was "blown away" by the technology and the thoroughness of Dr Binkley and his staff. Dr Binkley explained to me in great detail my situation and I was able to make an informed decision based on all of the facts that he presented to me. He was very nice and kind and I will definitely refer anyone that needs a root canal to his office and I will definitely go back if the need arises again. Thanks to Dr Binkley and his staff for putting me at ease and for making my first visit a very easy one.

Janie Pearcy

This was my first visit to Dr. Binkley. I was referred to him by my dentist, Dr. Mitchell, and it was Thanksgiving week so I was very grateful Dr. Binkley was able to work me into his schedule. I could not have been more impressed with his entire operation. Stem to stern, Binkley Endodontics was professional, attentive, informative and SO kind I cannot say enough good things about him. Dr. Binkley carefully and completely explained everything to me and was so patient, making sure I understood all of my options and was totally clear on everything. I will happily recommend him to anyone needing endodontic work.

Tory Herron

This was my first visit to Dr. Brinkley and my first "root canal". I can honestly say, I was very nervous at first. The staff made me feel comfortable the moment I walked in the door and Dr. Brinkley explained everything he was doing throughout the ENTIRE procedure, which made me feel at ease and I felt ZERO pain through the entire procedure. I would and WILL recommend him to anyone I know that needs to see an Endodontics Dr. and I will certainly be going to him for any further procedures.

Stacey Armenta

Dr Binkley is wonderful!!! He goes above and beyond to take care of his patients and make sure they are comfortable and informed every step of the way. I was terrified the first time I walked through the door but he put me completely at ease. I recommend him to everyone I know. He is exactly what all health care providers should be like! He is a great dentist and a great person.

Brittany Grant

I was referred to Dr. binkley by my dentist. I do not care to go to the dentist and was quite anxious. I must say I was very pleased with the care I received. Dr. Binkley was very professional and very caring. He was honest with me and was not wanting to do something he felt was not necessary. I am leaving on a trip for a week and he even gave me his cell phone number if I had a problem. He said he would refer me to a friend where I am going if I had any problem. How many dentists give you his cell phone number? Not very many. I was extremely pleased with Dr. Binkley and would not hesitate to see him again. His staff was also very professional and friendly. Thank you for caring.

Barbara Scheler

I have seen Dr. Binkley several times for different problems and have had the same great experience each time. Recently my dentist told me I had an abscessed tooth. Dr. Binkley saw me that same day. He was very gentle, listened to me, examined my tooth, explained the pro's and con's and allowed me to decide how I wanted to proceed. His staff is very friendly and professional also. I tell all my family and friends to see Dr. Binkley if they need endodontic work. Also I like the fact that he has a well equipped office in a low traffic area.

Margaret D.

I had a root canal done over 20 years ago. That experience left me feeling very nervous and scared when I found out that I had to have another one. When my Dentist recommended Dr. Binkley he reassured me that Dr. Binkley was really good. This second root canal was 100% better than my last one. He was gentle, kind and kept me from having any discomfort. I almost fell asleep during the procedure. I highly recommend him.

Cathy B.

Dr. Binkley is an outstanding endodontist!  I had 2 root canals performed in his office and he made me feel very at ease on both occasions.  He and his staff strive to make patients feel comfortable at all times.  They are very caring and even called me afterwards to check on my progress.  The office is very inviting.  Dr. Binkley does an excellent job with patient education and I feel completely confident in his knowledge and abilities.  I would recommend him to anyone!
Aimee J.

This was my first visit to Dr. Binkley and my first root canal.  I was very nervous and scared but Dr. Binkley was nice and when it was all over I didn't feel a thing. It didn't hurt and I started to fall asleep during the procedure. The staff was also very nice and I want Dr. Binkley to do all my dental work.

Renee R.

Dr. Binkley gave me good, honest advice in regard to my tooth. (I listened and was glad that I did). He and his staff are friendly, wonderful people, and I feel very comfortable there. One of the best!

Simone Werkmeister

Even though this was my second root canal I was nervous. After the first one I had a lot of pain during and after the procedure. I went in to see Dr. Binkley for an evaluation and after talking with him decided to do it that day!!! I was pleased with the respect shown by Dr. Binkley and his staff that I will schedule any dental procedure with him as well as refer him to everyone I know.

Scott E.

I was referred to Dr. Binkley by my dentist for a root canal. I can't thank my dentist and his staff enough for referring me to him. Dr. Binkley and his staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. They are friendly, understanding, and explain every procedure before the work begins. I am very pleased with the results when the feeling came back, the pain was gone. I would recommend Dr. Binkley to everyone. Dr. Binkley and his staff really do care about their patients.

Kimberley Batts

This was my first root canal, so I had heard the horror stories and was expecting the worst. Thank heavens for Dr. Binkley and his staff! I had very little discomfort and was in and out in under an hour! They ensured my comfort, walked me through every step, and respected my time.

Rebretta V.

Although I was nervous, Dr. Binkley & his staff had a very calming effect. Dr. Binkley did a great job..explained everything ..asked if I was ok ..different times during the procedure and I got soooo relaxed..I think I noded off at the end!! Who would dream of falling asleep during a root canal!!!!! Thank you for taking such good care of me and I would recommmend your services to anyone that need the DREADED root canal.

Peggy A.

Recent visit to Dr. Brinkley on recommendation from my regular dentist for a root canal - from the moment I walked through the door Dr.Binkley and staff made me feel very welcomed and was very attentive to my needs. I would highly recommend Dr.Binkley to anyone.

Sherri A.

I had a root canal done at another office and was still having a lot of discomfort with that tooth. My dentist sent me to Dr. Binkley's office to see if anything else could be done. Dr. Binkley and his staff were wonderful. He explained what needed to be done and how he was going to do it. I was taken care of in 2 visits and I must say everything has worked out and I am now pain free, thanks to Dr. Binkley. His staff is just wonderful and strives to make your visit very stress free. Much thanks to Dr. Binkley and his staff for all they have done for me.

Valerie C.

Wonderful experience. I could not recommend anyone anymore than Dr. Binkley. If I need this type of work done again he is the only one I will go to. Thank you for such wonderful care.

Judy G

I had a root canal done at another office and was still having a lot of discomfort with that tooth. My dentist sent me to Dr. Binkley's office to see if anything else could be done. Dr. Binkley and his staff were wonderful. He explained what needed to be done and how he was going to do it. I was taken care of in 2 visits and I must say everything has worked out and I am now pain free, thanks to Dr. Binkley. His staff is just wonderful and strives to make your visit very stress free. Much thanks to Dr. Binkley and his staff for all they have done for me.

Valerie C.

Dr. Binkley and the staff were great. No waiting, I got right in at the appointment time. State-of-the-art facility and Dr. Binkley explained everything and made me feel very comfortable.

Jim J

I was very impressed with the equipment and Dr. Brinkley was very honest about my situation. He guided me in the right direction and explained the problem very thoroughly. I was also very happy with the staff.

Swati desai

My experience at Dr. Binkley's office was wonderful. Both he and his staff are very welcoming and kind. He took the time to explain to me exactly what we were dealing with and how he would fix the issue. This helped me to feel more relaxed going into my root canal. During the procedure he talked to me and continued to make sure that I was comfortable. My procedure went smoothly and I had NO PAIN afterwards. I even received a phone call the day after my procedure to check in and make sure that I was doing well!

Heather Borders

I can't even begin to tell Dr. Binkley and his staff how thankful I am for everything they have done for me. I had an infected tooth that needed a root canal with no insurance. They did everything in 2 visits and my mouth is healed. Everyone was so kind and understanding and helped work with me. Thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Erica Chandler

I am the biggest coward on the face of the earth when it comes to having my teeth worked on! When Dr. Binkley was recommended by another dentist for my root canal I was so fearful and absolutely dreading the whole experience. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise! All of his staff were so friendly and helpful. Dr. Binkley was the most considerate, helpful, thorough and gentle professional I have ever experienced. He also kept me informed during the procedure so I would know what to expect. I would recommend Dr. Binkley to anyone needing the skill of an endodontist. Thank you so much, Dr. Binkley!

Patricia L. Ramsey

I was referred to Dr. Binkley by my dentist for the treatment of what turned out to be an absess complicating a prior root canal. This was a process requiring several visits to the office, some of them on short notice. Dr. Binkley and his staff were consistently professional and accommodating. Their concern for the comfort and well-being of their patients is obvious. If needed I would certainly ask to be referred back to Dr. Binkley for care.

Lynn Speevack

Dr. Binkley and his staff were wonderful! I received excellent care. During the procedure, Dr. Binkley spoke to me the entire time and I felt so comfortable. For having to get a root canal, it was a great experience!

Allison Hobbs

Best Dental Experience Ever!! Being a person who has always dreaded going to the dentist, I about died when my dentist told me my tooth required a root canal! My dentist refered me to Dr. Brinkley for the procedure and I was so scared that i didn't even want to make the appointment and had it not been that my tooth was prepared for a filling and could not be left exposed, I most likely would not have made the appointment. However, I am so glad I did! Dr. Brinkley and his staff ARE the best! I can not express how appreciative I am of their patience,understanding and professionalism. Dr. Brinkley explained every step that would be taken to repair my tooth and continously made sure that I was comfortable and in no pain throughout my hour long procedure. I give nothing but praise to Dr. Brinkley and his staff! Each and every one of them are such warm and caring individuals, I would recommend them to anyone in need of endo services. Keep up the good work guys! You ALL are the BEST!

Rochelle Burks

What a surprise! I went to Dr. Binkley with fear and trembling. Well, that will not be the case the next time I go. The experience was so pleasant – from the time I entered the office until the time I left. Everyone in the office was pleasant and, seemingly, there to please especially Dr. Binkley who was knowledgeable and professional. I may even look forward to going back.

Gloria Craig

What a pleasant experience. I went in as a referred new patient for a root canal consultation. Dr. Steve took a good long time with me assessing my situation. He explained every detail (including my costs) so I could make an informed decision re: my additional treatment. Friendly and courteous staff. He will be my endo doc from now own.

Jim Honeycutt

Dr. Binkley is knowledgeable, friendly, and proffessional. He was very informative and concerned about pain and comfort. Also took the time to follow up after the visit. He and his staff are intent on providing good customer service which is VERY rare in any medical field these days.

David Schorsch

Dr. Binkley and his staff do their best to make the experience as easy as possible for the patient. He explains in detail the procedure needed, the cost of the procedure and how it will be completed. He does his best to make sure the procedure is as painless as possible. His followup phone call to see how I was doing was much appreciated. I would recommend Dr. Binkley to anyone needing this type of service.

Joe Cordaro

Dr. Binkley and his staff were incredible at turning a dreaded root canal into a positive experience. My immediate impression of his office was, "this is someone who is very professional and has the most up to date technology". Upon meeting Dr. Binkley I was further impressed by his friendly and caring personality. After a thorough examination of the situation, including xrays, and using his state of the art technology, he took the time to communicate and explain what I needed and why. I felt comfortable with his recommendation and completed the procedure in two visits. The result has been just as he predicted with no surprises or complications. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has need of this kind of procedure.

Charlotte Ready

I have never had a positive thing to say when coming out of a dentist office until I was treated at Dr. Binkley's office, the staff was amazing and Dr. Binkley was so wonderful, he explained everything to me at my level, took the time to show me the details and when he worked I hardly felt athing even when he gave me the numbing injection, I have recommended him to so many people already and I will continue to do so, if I ever need specialty dental work done again I will ONLY use Dr. Binkley!

Stephanie Floyd

My dentist referred me to Dr. Binkley for a root canal after he found out I had an abscessed tooth. They had a cancellation and fit me in the next day. I had been in considerable pain the day before I arrived at his office. He decided to do the root canal in 2 stages, giving my infection time to clear up first. The difference in my pain level was incredible after the first half of the root canal was done. Overnight, the pain had dissipated by almost 90% and over the next few days, disappeared entirely. He explained every detail of what he was doing in the process of giving me my root canal surgery and I was informed about all aspects of his procedures. I'd highly recommend going to Dr. Binkley for anyone who needed a root canal procedure. Both he and his office staff are very professional, friendly and helpful. Thanks to all of you for your care!

Becky Milliner

Dr. Binkley treated both my husband and myself. He was wonderful and so informative of everything the treatment entailed. He was so respectful and caring about his patient not having any pain, best of all neither of us had any. My only wish would be that he would be my Dentist and I wouldn't have to go to anyone else that's how GOOD he is! His staff is also wonderful, friendly and efficient.

James and Sandra Hays

Dr, Binkley is a professional and compassionate provider whose main concern was patient comfort. I was very fortunate that my dentist referred me to Dr. Binkley.


Dr. Binkley and the staff are fantastic. Absolutely hands down, patient care is superior to anyone I have ever been to. I just wish he would do all dental work. Thanks to all at Binkley Endodontics. I will not go to anybody else.

Rex Combs

The treatment I received at Dr. Binkley was exceptional. He was very concerned about my comfort and kept me well informed as the procedure continued. I would refer him to anyone.

D. Hall

Dr. Binkley’s staff is very professional and helpful, always willing to answer any questions I might have. Dr. Binkley’s office was able to see me immediately and dramatically reduce the amount of pain I was experiencing and begin the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Binkley’s office for any root canal procedure you may need.

Jeff T.

Dr. Binkley and staff are very professional and friendly. Definitely a 5/5 star recommendation!


Dr Binkley made me feel good about the procedure by explaining what would take place. He continued to explain during the procedure and let me know throughout the process how much time left . It was a good experience and I would recommend others to his office . The staff was very polite and caring.

Rose L

Staff is great and Dr.Binkley is also.They are very good at making you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Richard D.

Dr. Binkley treated me during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. I broke a tooth which required a root canal and reconstructive measures. Dr. Binkley's staff was great. He explained the procedure and worked to ensure I was comfortable. I very much appreciated that he called me the next day to inquire how I was. Dr. Binkley was wonderful and I highly recommend him.

Debbie M

I couldn't ask for a more helpful & friendly experience as I had with Dr. Binkley & his staff. I felt like the most important patient they had ever had. I would highly recommend them.

Vivian Sullivan

My experience with Dr. Binkley and his staff was absolutely fantastic! My family dentist actually recommended a root canal last summer. I went to see an endodontist in another part of town who said a root canal was not needed before I had a crown installed. Later, when I began to experience pain I went to see Dr. Binkley who, after a brief exam concurred I indeed needed a root canal. I had heard that root canals are painful & difficult but at Dr. Binkley's it was EASY! No pain at all and it was over before I knew it. Thanks Dr. Binkley!!

Keith Baird

Dr. Binkley and staff are extremely professional explaining step by step each part of the root canal with high tech equipment. I was impressed and highly recommend Dr. Brinkley and staff for anyone needing a root canal.

Kitty Wilson, SCN

Thanks to Dr. Binkley and the whole staff. They made an otherwise unpleasant experience (root canal) minimally painful, maximally comfortable, and throughout I felt that I was in good, professional hands. I highly recommend Dr. Binkley and team to anyone in need of endodontic work. Thank you!

Jon F.

My co-workers cannot believe I had no pain or discomfort during my root canal. And, how thoughtful to provide sunglasses too! Wish my regular dentist's office personnel were as gentle. Many thanks for you and your staff.

Bonnie P.

was lucky enough to be referred to Dr Binkley by my dentist. I was having pain with a tooth and was determined needed a root canal they contacted Dr Binkley's office and they were able to get me in the next day,week before Christmas. Dr Binkley and his staff we very professional and reviewed the issues of the tooth. I would recommend them to anyone needing a root canal.

Thomas Masterson

Dr. Binkley & the entire staff "ROCK"! They were so nice, respectful of me as a person, did everything possible to make me comfortable, and helped me make a decision that was right for me. Dr. Binkley explained that he could do the root canal, but did not think the tooth was worth saving for the amount of money & time it would last. I made the decision to have it pulled & he got me into an oral surgeon that same day. I felt miserable the day I went there for a root canal, but their smiles & kindness helped! I made the comment that day to Dr. Binkley & his staff about how nice, courteous, and helpful they all were! It is very rare in this day to see such nice people, usually when I go to a doctor or run any type of daily errand everyone treats you like it is an inconvenience to wait on you, and most of them are very hateful!

Thank you all, my experience at your office was worth the pain & discomfort I was in!

Mary B.

Had a top notch experience on a root canal performed this morning. Thank you!

Mark Klimesh

Excellent service and very professional execution of endodontic work. Zero pain and very good explantion of the dental work needed and it's associated cost. Recommend highly! A++++

Bernt Schubert

Today was my first visit to this secluded location which was very cool. The atmosphere was very nice and serene and the staff were all very polite and caring and sympathetic with my concerns. Dr. Binkley was referred to me through Dr. Burdette and so far these two DRs are fantastic and A+. The state of the art xray equipment was a sight to see! Never before seen equipment so futuristic and stunning. Highly recommended if you want a DR that cares!

Lucas Harris

Dr. Binkley did a root canel on me and explained every step and even showed me before and after x-rays. He did a great job with no pain. He and his staff were very professional.

Keith Stivers

Dr, Binkley performed a root canal on me and this was the first time I enjoyed going to the dentist. Very easy, no pain and everything was explained as he was doing it.

Stanley Haines

Dr. Binkley has done several root canals on my teeth in 2013. He made sure I felt no pain and was fully informed of what he was doing during the root canal. I will continue to go to Dr. Binkley for any dental issues. You could not find a better dentist.

Susan Gunning

I was referred to Dr. Binkley by Mortenson Family Dental for a root canal. It had been awhile since I had had a root canal so I was very apprehensive. Dr. Binkley was a true professional and made my procedure as stress free as possible. I highly recommend him.

Sue Moncrief

I was referred to Dr. Binkley by my dentist. I had never had a root canal before and was very anxious about it. I was first greeted by his very friendly, helpful and professional staff. Then he spent a lot of time explaining my options and the details of my choice of care. He followed up by telephone several times to check on my progress after part one of the root canal. I will highly recommend Dr. Binkley to my friends and family.

Maggie Neithammer

I was recommended to see Dr Binkley for a root canal; I was very impressed with the equipment, the professionalism of Dr. Binkley and his entire staff, for both my comfort and excellence I would highley recommend Dr. Binkley!


Thanks so much to Dr. Binkley and staff for their expertise and kindness. I would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.

Barbara Muldoon

Dr. Binkley and his staff are very professional and friendly. The office and the equipment he uses are state of the art. I felt very comfortable during the procedure and appreciate the way he explains each step as he goes. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing this type of dental service.

Julia Snyder

Dr. Steven Binkley and his office staff were very polite and professional during my recent visits to the office.  Dr. Binkley explained the procedure step by step and always made sure I was doing alright during the procedure.  I would highly recommend his office to anyone needing his specialized services.

Mary Ann Brown

Dr. Binkley and his staff are fantastic. His advise saved me a lot of money. When in doubt on what to do, Dr. Binkley will direct you to the best options in your situation. Thank you for your service.

Trish Hinton

many thanks to Dr. Binkley and staff. Dr. Binkley was kind and sympathetic throughout my procedure. I think it hurt him worse than it hurt me. thanks again

george snider

This was my first root canal and I was very nervous. All I had heard is how painful they are. Dr. Binkley really impressed me with his compassion and how he explained what he was doing. He was very courteous to his staff. They were all very professional. I will definitely recommend him to any one that needs a root canal. I didn't have one pain through this process or even after I left and the numbness wore off.

Debbie Griffith

Dr. Binkley was wonderful. He explained everything all along the way and was very careful not hurt me. Great service and care.

Sue Downs

I have sit in a lot of dentist chairs over the years and I have never been treated any better or any nicer than Dr. Binkley treated me. He is very professional and good. I have recommended him several times already. I had no pain during my procedure.

Deborah Harrington

My experience with Dr. Binkley has been very good. The office is very courteous and easy to work with. I felt they truly cared about me. Dr. Binkley is very honest and professional, I would recommend.

Jim Jackson

Wow first time I have had a good experience getting a root canal. I must say Dr. Binkley and his staff are the best at what they do!!!!

Traci Jones

This practice is amazing!! They always work hard to fit me into their schedule when I have an urgent matter. All the dental work was completed perfectly and with compassion.

Amanda Newton

The care I recieved from Dr.Binkley and his staff was excellent. Dr.Binkley explained everything to me and the procedure was painless. If I ever needed another root canal I would definately see Dr.Binkley again.

Marsha Stewart

Everyone was very pleasant and patient with me, even though I got lost and missed my first appointment. The exam was gentle, thorough, and efficient. Dr. Binkley actually determined that I needed an oral surgeon rather than an endodontist. He and his staff assisted me in getting set up with the surgeon. I also like the electronic registration; it's easier and less stressful to compile the information at home.

Mary Rosenbaum

I had a root canal by Dr. Binkley. He was wonderful. I am not one for pain but he was great!! Would recommend him to anyone!!

Denise Logsdon

I would recommend Dr Brinkley to anyone I know. He did a great job of explaining and demostrating what procedures he was performing. The office staff was very nice and pleasant. I will go to him for any surgery needed. WAY TO GO DR.BRINKLEY AND STAFF

Audrey Cuff

March 2016 - I have had my share of dental issues. In fact I despise going to the dentist period, but this dental team is different. All of the staff here are top notch. They actually care about the patients that they deal with.

Demetrius R

Awesome experience! Best part was the use of a mouth prop. It took the stress of keeping my mouth open. It rested my teeth on the device rather than straining my jaw muscles to keep my mouth open. No pain next day after my root canal surgery.

J. Nellis

Awesome experience! Best part was the use of a mouth prop. This took the stress of keeping my jaw open during my root canal procedure. My teeth rested on the device rather than straining my jaw muscles. No pain one day later.

J. Nellis